While we offer a wide selection of desserts, it’s our chocolate that really takes the cake! Our expert chocolatiers hand-craft all of our chocolates on the premises, so they are not only unique and high quality–they’re also fresh. The Sweet Boutique features a variety of unique handmade chocolate goodies from “turtles” to truffles. Also, relax at our Chocolate Lounge with an espresso drink and European-style pastry!

Unique, Artisan Flavors

The Sweet Boutique is known for our unique, artisan flavors. We love coming up with new and unique flavor combinations, and not just because we test them ourselves! We enjoy the challenge of searching for flavors that complement and enhance each other–flavors that will give our customers a flavorful, enjoyable tasting experience.
To us, chocolate isn’t just a dessert–it’s an art. We embrace the challenge of expressing abstract ideas through the medium of chocolate and other flavors. We’ve released truffle collections like the 7 Deadly Sins and 8 Ways To Say I Love You. In crafting these artisan truffles, we spend hours in our test kitchens, considering what flavors best capture the flavor of, say, greed, or lust. Once we come up with a flavor concept, we test dozens upon dozens of flavor combinations until we decide on the perfect one. Only then do we release our new treat to the public–once we’re guaranteed to give you a tasting experience you’ll never forget!

Custom Chocolate Treats

At The Sweet Boutique, we don’t just create unique, artisan truffles. We also create unique, artisan treats custom designed for you. Whether you want to create a custom flavor combination or would like us to uniquely decorate a treat from our catalogue, we’re proud to provide this unique service to our customers. Our custom treats can be ordered for any occasion, but they are especially excellent choices for:
  • Birthdays
  • Wedding desserts and wedding favors
  • Anniversaries
  • Corporate events
  • And more!
Contact us to find out more about ordering custom chocolate treats for your next big event.

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