Coffee Shop and Chocolate Lounge

What better way to balance our delectable sweet treats than with the delicious zing of a coffee beverage? Our coffee shop is a great place to meet friends, relax with a treat, and enjoy the day. We have a wide selection of hot and cold beverages to complement your dessert or to enjoy on their own:
  • Hot and Cold Coffee Drinks
  • Latte and Cappuccino
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Smoothies
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • Aztec Love Potion
  • Our Specialties


Ah, coffee. Some like it cold; some like it sweet, but regardless of how you take it, it’s a great accompaniment to our truffles and other chocolates. Enjoy tempering the sweetness of your treat with a bitter dark roast or espresso, or pile on the sweetness with a flavored latte with whipped cream! The choice is yours; we guarantee you can’t go wrong!

Hot Chocolate & Aztec Love Potion

Not a fan of coffee? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Our coffee shop isn’t just a coffee shop–it’s also a hot chocolate shop! Enjoy our rich hot chocolate with a heaping helping of whipped cream. Feeling adventurous? Unique flavor combinations is kind of our thing. Add flavored syrup to your hot chocolate for a flavor as unique as our hand-crafted truffles.
Looking to spice things up? Our signature Aztec Love Potion is sure to hit the spot. We blend the finest hot chocolate with just the right spices to give it a little kick. You’ve got to try this brew to believe it!

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